2024 will be shipping’s decarbonisation reality check

If 2023 was a year of reckoning on the urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, 2024 is when the true test begins, writes Mikko Kuosa, CEO of NAPA. 

There was no shortage of regulatory headlines in 2023 – with MEPC 80 adopting a revised GHG strategy, the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) taking effect, and the EU formally extending the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to shipping, it was the year when the conversation on decarbonisation moved from concept to implementation. 

Now shipping must prepare for the next phase: reality checks. The industry will have to find its feet under EU ETS and vessels will soon receive their first ever CII ratings. For shipowners and charterers, this brings to the forefront a consideration that was too often overlooked in the industry’s decarbonisation debate: energy and operational efficiency. Expect voyage optimisation, digital systems, wind propulsion and clean technologies to all gain in prominence in 2024.

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