About the Indices


The Capital Link Maritime Indices were launched on Monday, June 29, 2009, by Capital Link, Inc., a New York based Investor Relations and Advisory firm with a strategic focus on shipping.

These are Stock Market Maritime Indices; their objective is to enable investors, as well as all shipping market participants, to better track the performance of individual listed shipping stocks, as well as of the shipping industry and specific sectors.

The Indices focus only on companies listed on US Exchanges, as the United States is the largest and most liquid market for listed shipping companies with a large and established peer group and with a well-developed investor base.

The Indices track the performance of the stocks of US listed shipping companies as follows:

Capital Link Maritime Index         All shipping companies

Capital Link Dry Bulk Index           All Dry Bulk companies

Capital Link Tanker Index              All Tanker companies

Capital Link Container Index        All Container shipping companies

Capital Link LNG / LPG Index       All LNG / LPG companies

Capital Link Mixed Fleet Index    All companies operating in more than one sector

Capital Link Maritime MLP Index All Includes all US listed shipping MPLs


The indices are calculated daily and are based on the market capitalization weighting of the stocks in each index. These are reference indices and they are not tradable.

All US listed companies are included in the main index, the Capital Link Maritime Index.

Besides the main index (Capital Link Maritime Index), a company may be also included in additional indices, the sector index, where it primarily operates, and the mixed fleet index or the MLP Index, if and as long as it qualifies for such inclusion.

Companies that operate two thirds or more of their total fleet in a single sector are also included in that sector index, as well as in the mixed fleet index. 

Companies that have been delisted are included in the Indices for the period they were listed. Also, SPACs that became Operating Companies are included in the indices as of the date they were listed as Operating Companies.

In terms of historical data, the indices go back to January 1, 2005, thereby providing investors with significant historical performance.

The index values are updated daily after the closing of the market and can be accessed at www.CapitalLinkShipping.com, Capital Link’s web-based resource linking listed companies, investors and shipping market participants.


The Indices can also be accessed through the Bloomberg page “CPLI” and/or with their tickers as follows:

CL Maritime Index – CPLMMARI

CL Dry Bulk Index – CPLMDRYB

CL Tanker Index – CPLMTANK

CL Container Index – CPLMCONT


CL Mixed Fleet Index – CPLMMIXD

CL Maritime MLP Index – CPLMMLPI


They can be used to compare the performance of:

  • Individual Shares to their Sector Index and/or to Freight Indices (like the Baltic Indices or the Breakwater Dy Bulk FFA Index)
  • Sector Indices to the (Composite) Maritime Index and various Broader Stock Market Indices
  • Sector Indices to Freight Indices
  • Look for current patterns and historic correlations / deviations


The Indices are for information and refence only and at the sole risk of the user. Capital Link does not guarantee their accuracy, does not warrant their regular update and bears no responsibility whatsoever.

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