Accelerating Digitalisation of Maritime Trade & Logistics: A Call To Action

Seaports are critical infrastructures to keep supply chains moving and economies across the world
functioning. This becomes especially visible in times of global crisis. A great variety of business
and government actors interact in port communities to ensure multimodal flows of vital medical
and food supplies, critical agricultural products, energy streams and other goods and services reach
their intended destinations in time.

Port community interactions comprise physical interactions – such as cargo handling operations,
vessel-related services and supplies and multimodal transfers – as well as exchanges of data that
facilitate clearance of cargo between jurisdictions. Being part of larger transport and logistics supply
chains and representing clusters of companies and businesses in themselves, ports are well-placed
to fully grasp the potential generated by the latest wave of technological innovation and integration,
so that physical and data interactions occur in a safe, secure, efficient and overall sustainable

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