Alphatanker Gets Buffed

AXSMarine announces upgrades to its analytical and assessment solution for tanker professionals.

Paris, France, Jun 2, 2020. AXSMarine, a pioneer and market leader in the provision of advanced solutions for shipping professionals, has recently added several enhancements to its Alphatanker chartering and market analysis platform. Alphatanker employs multiple layers of commercial and technical data with refined AIS coverage to provide 24/7 market coverage.

AXSMarine has implemented one of its key modules AXSReader. AXSReader flawlessly scans, normalizes, and organizes complex shipping data. This tool retrieves the data from a company mailbox, without the need to open a single email. It captures only the relevant info, filters spam and keeps the data private, protected and safe.

Another recent solution to find its way in Alphatanker is the AXSMarine API Hub – a flexible tool designed to provide fully flexible shipping patterns. With its up-to-date raw data, one-click integration and data injections, as well as full control options, it’s key to mastering modern-day industry analysis.

The third addition to Alphatanker is AXSInsights – an intuitive time-saving portal providing actionable shipping trend data in the form of pre-set analysis visualisations. It is the combination of powerful big data and simple graphic presentations, exploring current and historical commodity flows, speeds by trade, ton-mile analyses and much more.

Alphatanker also includes Trade Flows. According to AXSMarine, it is the game-changing solution, allowing its users to benefit from powerful pivot grids and to customize displays. Trade Flows eliminates the need to purchase and process other AIS data feeds and build complex tools.

“Alphatanker just marked its second anniversary on the market and has proved its worth with shipowners, charterers and traders in the tanker community”, said Jacques Goudchaux, CEO at AXSMarine. “As the world is experiencing one of the most turbulent and dynamic times in the market, we saw the value for the industry to make this platform even better and more inclusive.

With the latest tools added to its portfolio, Alphatanker is even more viable for owner, operators, pool managers, oil majors, cargo owners and traders, market analysts and financial experts. We believe adding on AXSReader, AXSMarine API Hub and AXSInsights as a package to Alphatanker is the right thing to do to serve the community in the current market climate.

Our clients are already enjoying the essential modules provided in Alphatanker, allowing them to review the vessel market, ship track own and competitors’ fleets and access full technical details of the global tanker fleet. Fixtures databases, live bunker prices empowered by BunkerEX, port congestions, idled ships stats and much more also came standard with the original Alphatanker package. However, this enhanced version is simply the all-in-one solution for any task one may encounter as a part of the tanker community.”, added Jacques.

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