Breakwave FFA Index

As of Friday 2nd of February 2024

 Index   Latest      Percent Change   6M High   6M Low   Date High   Date Low 
 Breakwave Dry FFA    985.85          +0.54%                      

    The Breakwave Dry Freight Futures Index (BDRYFF) is designed to track the dry bulk market through freight futures contracts with a weighted average maturity of approximately 60-70 days and a sector weighting of 50% Capesize contracts, 40% Panamax contracts and 10% Supramax contracts.
    The Breakwave Dry Freight Futures Index is a useful tool for market participants to gauge the expectations of the market for the near-term direction and level of spot rates. Although the weighting of the different asset classes slightly differs from the Baltic Dry Index (50%-40%-10% versus 40%-30%-30% for BDRYFF and BDI, respectively), historically the two indices have exhibited strong positive correlation of more than 85% over the past five years.
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