Brent Contango Narrowing on Possible OPEC+ Action, Recovering Asian Demand

Brent crude oil futures’ spreads in 2021 have narrowed significantly as demand from Asia has been strong and markets remained hopeful that OPEC and its allies could extend their output cuts.

The Brent front month contango, whereby later-delivery contracts are more expensive than earlier-delivery contracts, stood at -16 cents a barrel earlier in the session. It was a -12 cents on Monday, the shallowest since July.

A deep contango means front month prices are below prices for later-delivery contracts, allowing traders to make money by storing crude onshore or in some cases at sea and selling it later when prices are higher.

A shallow contango in contrast makes storage less feasible and encourages traders to sell oil now because prices could be lower in the future. Falling inventories can be bullish for oil prices and signal periods of under-supply…


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