Trending News

This Podcasts Series features interviews and discussions with senior management elaborating on recent company news and announcements.

Master Series

The Shipping Master Series feature CEO Roundtable and 1×1 Discussions aimed at bringing light to critical industry topics and Company Insight, Sector Outlook and Developments.

C-Suite Audio Clips

This podcast series features three-minute audio clips of C-Suite shipping leaders addressing critical industry topics. Excerpts are adapted from Earnings Calls and Interviews and aim to shed light on significant market updates, industry & sector trend and outlook developments.

Riding The Waves of a Lifetime

This video podcast series features Maritime Executives and Industry Leaders who will take us through their career journey and how they have adapted to the ever-changing business landscape from geopolitics to digital disruptions, reaching net-zero, tackling the unknown and positioning for the future. The speakers will share insight into leadership qualities, the highs and lows from sitting on the top of the organization, and what it takes to ride the waves of a lifetime. Finally, they will share their insight on where the industry is going, the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Deep Dive

In-Depth 1×1 discussion between an Analyst and publicly listed shipping company CEO on the company and sector