CMB Leasing

2008年4月23日,作为国务院确定试点的首批银行系金融租赁公司,招银金融租赁有限公司于上海正式开业,初始注册资本金20亿元。2012年和2014年,招商银行作为独资股东,先后两次向招银金融租赁增资,使得招银金融租赁注册资本金增至60亿元。 招银金融租赁自成立以来,始终秉承股东招商银行“因您而变”的经营服务理念,以“专业化、数字化、国际化”为发展战略,推出了航空、航运、能源、基础设施、装备制造、环境、健康文旅、公共交通、智慧互联与物流、租赁同业十大行业金融解决方案,建立了较为完善的金融租赁产品和服务体系。随着业务的发展,在上海自贸区设立了全资子公司——招银航空航运金融租赁有限公司,并分别在上海、天津、厦门、香港、爱尔兰、新加坡等地区开设超300家SPV。招银金融租赁已逐步成为招商银行综合化经营的骨干力量。 招银金融租赁十余年砥砺奋进,在经历了“起步腾飞”和“转型跨越”两个阶段后,实现了“效益、质量、规模、结构”的均衡发展,各项经营指标均位于行业前列。招银金融租赁优异的经营发展业绩,得到境内外主流评级机构和权威媒体的高度评价,在获得较高国际评级的同时,也收获了多项业内知名大奖。 招银金融租赁一直以客户需求为中心推动产品创新,实现了方便旗船舶经营性租赁、飞机保税租赁、大型设备经营性租赁、租赁同业服务平台等一系列创新产品的落地。2018年,招银金融租赁将“创新进取”作为第三个五年发展的主题,希望在新时代的征程中,把握住技术变革带来的机遇,以“走近租赁物”为主线,以金融科技为工具,全面推动业务和管理创新,以拼搏进取的精神响应国家战略号召,为成为“行业领军企业优先选择的金融租赁公司”而矢志前行!
On April 23, 2008, as one of the first batch of bank financial leasing company designated by the State Council, CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was officially opened in Shanghai, with initial registered capital of 2 billion Yuan. In 2012 and 2014, China Merchants Bank, as a sole shareholder, increased its investment to CMB Financial Leasing twice, which increased the registered capital of CMB Financial Leasing to 6 billion Yuan. Since its establishment, CMB Financial Leasing has always adhered to the management and service concept of "just for you", taken "specialization, digitalization and internationalization" as the development strategy, introduced financial solutions of ten industries: aviation, shipping, energy, infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, environment, health and culture-oriented tourism, public transportation, intelligent interconnection and logistics, and financial leasing companies , gradually established a relatively sound system of financial leasing products and services. With business development, CMB Financial Leasing has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary - CMB Aviation and Shipping Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and more than 300 SPVs in Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore and so on. CMB Financial Leasing gradually become the backbone of integrated management of China Merchants Bank. With more than ten years of hard work, CMB Financial Leasing has realized the balanced development of "benefit, quality, scale and structure" after two stages of "start-up and take-off" and "transition and leap-over". CMB Financial Leasing’s outstanding business development performance was highly appraised by domestic and foreign mainstream rating agencies and authoritative media. In addition to higher international rating, CMB Financial Leasing won a number of well-known awards in the industry. CMB Financial Leasing has been promoting product innovation with customer demand as the core, and implemented a series of innovative products such as Flag of Convenience Operating Ship Leasing, Aircraft Bonded Leasing, Large-scale Equipment Operating Leasing and E-Leasing Service Platform. In 2018, CMB Financial Leasing took "innovation and enterprising" as the third five-year development theme. It hopes to grasp the opportunity of technological changes in the new era of the journey, comprehensively promotes business and management innovation with "real leasing" as the main line and financial technology as the tool, responds to the national strategy with the striving and enterprising spirit, and moves forward towards the goal of becoming "a financial leasing company preferred by industry leaders"!


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