Coronavirus, Climate Change & Smart Shipping – Three Maritime Scenarios 2020 – 2050 – Preparing for Changes that are “On the Cards”


The shipping industry’s preparedness to meet the challenges of climate change and the digital revolution has been patchy and disjointed. The Covid-19 pandemic which has been added to the mix lately might shake up the status quo and be a catalyst for the radical measures needed.

This is the first public presentation that elaborates on the White Paper which Dr. Martin Stopford published just recently.

He outlines three scenarios for the evolution of the industry during the period 2020-2050, a period during which the maritime industry must rebuild its cargo fleet.

The three sets of scenarios cover   

  • Sea Trade
  • Shipbuilding Requirements
  • Ship Technology

As Dr. Stopford mentions “We know we cannot predict the future. But we can try to prepare for changes that are clearly “on the cards”. Not preparing can be riskier and more expensive than the “safe” option of doing nothing.” The White Paper and presentation can help the industry assess alternative strategies and prepare for the way ahead.

Please register to access the replay of Dr. Martin’s webinar, white paper and presentation.

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