Digital Solutions and New Teams to Help Manage Port Traffic

This year, Port of Antwerp will continue extending its shipping guidance in order to manage traffic in the port even more safely and efficiently. A mobile team of Port Authority Officers and Supervisors will take charge of supervision and management. In addition, digital solutions will guarantee a better service, and hybrid vessels will be introduced.

More efficient shipping guidance and planning
The new Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will be responsible for the shipping guidance of seagoing and inland vessels behind the locks. To ensure a safe and efficient traffic flow, VTS provides information and advice, for example relating to routes, weather conditions and potential risks, to all water-related traffic participants behind the locks. In addition to the shipping guidance, Port of Antwerp is committed to transparency and the optimisation of shipping planning. It is therefore adding a new team of Port Planners, to take care of the safe, efficient planning and processing of mooring bays. All parties involved, such as the port, port facilities and port users, are to be taken into account as much as possible…

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