IMO 2020 Fuel Switch Prompts Bulkers to Load Less Cargo to Enable Higher Bunker Intake

The IMO 2020 sulfur regulations that take effect in three weeks’ time are starting to redefine the choice of bunkering ports and impact the cargo-carrying capacity of dry bulk ships, according to freight market participants.

A large number of dry bulk carriers trading in the Asia-Pacific have already made the switch to 0.5% sulfur marine fuel to comply with the new IMO requirement.

The move is starting to result in many changes, such as dry bulk shipowner-operators preferring straight run 0.5% sulfur fuel, also known as low sulfur fuel oil or LSFO, over blended fuel grades to ensure the safety of their ships and for operational ease.

“If we go to a place where we know we can get straight run LSFO, we…

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