LNG, LNG Give Me More

Whereas tankers are very slow to perform and as we saw the Baltic Dirty Tanker Index consolidates a little, our favourite stocks (Teekay, Euronav and Frontline) went down. It will be interesting to see if HEMEN increased its stake in Euronav. We are still positive on the trade. LNG on the contrary has been excellent. FLEX LNG is going from positive earnings surprise to more positive dividend surprises and we believe the LNG story just begins. After the failure of Cop 26, countries have to realise that the two main and fast ways to decarbonise are Nuclear and Gas. Switching the World electrical production (today over 50% coal) to gas with carbon capture will eliminate 60% of the CO2 in the electrical production process, the rest being taken care of by Small Modular Reactors. Easy?? In theory in an ideal world without Dumbo’s alias Politicians