Port of Cape Town Gains Additional Capacity to Help Relieve Pressure at Terminals

Transnet has introduced a number of solutions at the Port of Cape Town designed to deal with operational backlogs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To alleviate pressure at the terminals, 20 employees from the Durban Container Terminal (DCT) have volunteered to be deployed to the container and multi-purpose terminals at the Port of Cape Town.

The employees are a combination of driver articulated vehicles (DAVs), rubber-tyre gantry (RTG) cranes and ship-to-shore (STS) crane drivers. All 20 employees have been screened and tested for COVID-19 and their deployment will not affect operations at DCT. Both the container and multi-purpose terminals at the port have been operating at a reduced capacity since the introduction of the lockdown regulations but as lockdown has started to ease, however, port activities have increased…

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