Scandinavian Shipping Reaps Rewards of Joint Ventures & Optimised Systems

Swedish clean tech innovators Lean Marine – located in Gothenburg which hosts the largest port in Scandinavia – has seen the number of Scandinavian tanker owners using its propulsion optimisation hardware skyrocket in recent years. In fact, Scandinavian tanker owners now represent its largest customer group.

Since being introduced to the market in 2014, the FuelOpt propulsion optimisation system – which comprises hardware installed on the bridge that makes use of existing sensors in the engine machinery to automate and optimise the propulsion line – has been installed on 175 ships for more than 40 different shipowners. Stenersen, Team Tankers (which acquired tanker owner and operator Laurin Maritime in 2018), Utkilen, Ektank, Älvtank, Veritas Tankers and Wisby Tankers are just some of the Scandinavian tanker operators that are reaping the benefits associated with the FuelOpt system…

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