Shipping Daily – TRMD: Acquires 8 LR2 vessels – USD 49.9m/ship – notch above our USD 49.5m values; BELCO: Numbers in-line / Solid forward coverage remains and 4q looking strong; OET: VLCC bookings slightly disappointing, Suez bookings strong; PANL: 3q23 first impression – Strong earnings that beat CS expectations;GNK: 3q23 first take – earnings in line, 4q23 bookings on the soft side; HSHP: October commercial update – sailed in 39% premium to Baltic 5TC; 2020: Timing Markets; STST: Distributions on the Rise; FLNG: One Word, Solid – Though Limited Triggers for Now; LNG: Both term and spot rates flat w/w, though rising activity in the markets – Fearnley Securities, Nov. 9, 2023