Stena Bulk Unveils Solar and Rotor Sail Tanker Design

Stena Bulk has a history of tanker design innovations – V-Max, P-Max, IMOIIMAX – now comes the IMOFlexMAX. The latest chemical and product tanker design aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 25% on current designs.

Stena Bulk’s IMOFlexMAX is a development of its current IMOIIMAX design; equipped with Flettner rotors and solar panels to harvest energy from wind and sunlight. The tankers will be powered by efficient dual-fuel engines that can run on LNG as well as conventional low-sulphur fuels using the latest available engine technology. The aim is to be best in class in terms of performance with a design based on two major objectives – flexibility and efficiency.

“The plan is for IMOFlexMAX vessels to be deployed in Stena Bulk’s logistics system in the global market along with the IMOIIMAX…

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