Tankers: When the Old Suffer

Two transactions took place in tanker land. HUNT, one of the large owners of Eco tankers sold one from its fleet, delivery in March probably to ADNOC at $ 85 million. If the whole fleet was valued as this, there would be a 10% hike to HUNT NAV. Nok 3.5 vs stock price of 2.6. The stock looks attractive in these conditions. On the other end, EURONAV sold a 11 years old VLCC with a $ 2.5 book gain. The VLCC NEWTON was sold through a sale /Lease back with a Chinese owner with T/C rates of $ 22,000 which seems to be below Cash break even. Indeed, the 10 years + VLCC are finding it hard as bunker costs increase with the oil price and their eco unfriendliness makes it hard to find them attractive. However, the tanker trade has been good year to date as investors are looking forward to a post Covid increase of Oil on water. The on going rumours taking place as we get near the next OPEC + meeting call for an increase of production which is good for tankers. The Texas deep freeze has shut 2.2 million barrels a day of shale oil production which will take a good two weeks to come back on stream. This may be good for the Middle East/US route although net net it may be compensated by the lack of US exports. The LNG trade has suffered because of this and although an unexpected bid yesterday for GASLOG revives the sector, the performance has been quite mediocre albeit very strong prices in January with the upsurge of Asia LNG prices.